(Recorded Webinar March 19, 2013)

Training Description: For the first time in history, four generations share the mainstream workplace.  Generational differences can result in clash of communication styles and work ethics that can create cultural chaos.  However, generational differences need not divide the workplace.  The key to working with different generations lies in our ability to understand generational motivations and values.  Being able to appreciate and use these differences to enhance the workplace environment is what this training is all about.
During this interactive webinar, Mr. Turner will share the values and traits of four generations in the court today.  He will also lead out court staff panel in a discussion on their challenges and solutions in the field.  And finally, Mr. Turner will share best practices which can lead to success in the working with our multi-generational co-workers.

Faculty: Mr. Gary Turner, Judicial Education Manger, Supreme Court of Nevada

Continuing Education Credit: No CLE accreditation