(Recorded February 19, 2021)

Training Description: Custody Schedules – How Creative Can We Get:  It is each for divorcing or separating parents and the Court they are working with to get stuck in a routine of week on/week off or alternating weekends and holidays. Is that all there is too it?  Of course not – children and families are unique. In this webinar, we see to explore how to be more creative with custody arrangements. Ms. Exline and Ms. Surratt have over a decade of work experience in creating custody schedules. Ms. Surratt has the added benefit of exercising a custody schedule with her ex-husband. They only have an hour so they plan to hit you hard with tools and details on creative custody schedules to make your courtroom work for the families they serve. 

Who Should Attend: This course is designed for all Nevada judges and masters. Note: Meets Core Competency "Judicial Skills" (JS).

Faculty: Kimberly Surratt, Esq., and Melissa Exline, Esq., Surratt Law

Continuing Education Credit: 1.0 CLE/CJE (Certificate of Attendance required to receive continuing legal/judicial education credit). NOTE: CLE credit for this course is approved through December 31, 2024 and will then be stale dated.