(Recorded July 29, 2020)

Training Description: Addictions come in all disguises and judges are as susceptible to addictive behavior as anyone. In Nevada, we are more aware than most that gambling, or gaming, can mutate from a casual past-time activity into a life-altering problem that impacts not only a judge’s personal life, but can bleed into the judge’s effectiveness on the bench. Come with us as Dayvid Figler takes us through the addiction of gambling, early signs of problematic behavior, and options for recovery.

Who Should Attend: This course is designed primarily for all Nevada judges.

Faculty: Dayvid Figler, Esq., Figler Law Group

Continuing Education Credit: 1.0 SAMH CLE/CJE (Certificate of Attendance required to receive continuing legal/judicial education credit). NOTE: CLE credit for this course is approved through December 31, 2023 and will then be stale dated.