Recorded June 28, 2018 and January 10, 2019

Training Description: This is a two-part series on the Uniform System for Judicial Records (USJR) statistics. USJR reporting began in fiscal year 2000. These statistics are submitted monthly by the Nevada trial courts and published yearly in the Nevada Supreme Court’s Annual Report and separate Appendix File. Both publications can be found on the Nevada Supreme Court’s website. The statistics are used by the trial courts, State Legislature, county commissions, and city councils to understand filing trends affecting the courts, and to aid in making policy and funding decisions. (Part 1: An Overview of the USJR Caseload Statistics and Part 2: Dispositions and Time Measure Statistics)

This course is designed for Nevada judicial officers and court staff.

Faculty: Sheldon Steele, Supreme Court of Nevada, Administrative Office of the Courts, Research and Statistics Unit

Continuing Education Credit: Part 1 - .5 CLE/CJE and Part 2 - .5 CLE/CJE (Certificate of Attendance required to receive continuing legal/judicial education credit.) NOTE: CLE credit for this course is approved through December 31, 2021 and will then be stale dated.